Anne Wambui

I am twelve years old. ‘Wambui’ means that I was born in darkness when the moon was bright. In our language we call it mbui. Our home city is Nyeri. In our family we are four people, one brother and three sisters. I joined MYSA when I was small and now I am matured enough. I school at Moyyo Academy in Githurai Kimbo. We are five hundred pupils. I like photography because it makes me to promote our country and know more about our country. In Shootback Lana and Kim are our leaders. I would like to thank them for the good work they have done. From the time we started Shootback they help us by teaching us how to photograph. Even our parents are very happy for the good work. Congratulations Kim and Lana so much. I like photographing so much. I will never leave photography forever and ever.