Collins Omondi

I’m seventeen, a handsome young man, Luo in tribe and I can speak fluent English and Kiswahili. My hobbies are making new friends, travelling and adventures. Dislikes: gossipers, pretenders (lions in sheep’s skin). Likes: forthright, assertive and ambitious people, beautiful things and people. I’m mentally a billionaire. I own a posh villa in the Nairobi suburbs and a fleet of vehicles ranging from a Rolls Royce limousine to a VW beetle. Due to my mass wealth I have been a victim of armed gangsters but I normally tip them off with a token of 2000 dollars. There is no difference between us and other photographers. The only difference is that they shoot and we shoot back. My ambition in the future is to become a photojournalist and a famous one. Through the motivation of our project leaders, I know I will achieve my dream. Bye and Ciao!