Fredrick ‘Oreck’ Otieno

I don’t know where I come from, where I was borned I don’t know. If you know call the following numbers, 0000MYSA or box number 000 Mathare slums for more details. I must ask God but will I see him? I don’t know but I will go to church and ask the pastor. I don’t know if he will tell me. But I believe everyone knows the creator of all. May I thank God a lot for creating me in this world. Fredrick likes everybody and he likes jokes. I was born in Mathare slum and I’m fourteen years old. Our family is composed of three members and my mother. My friends told me that there is one big organization known as MYSA which I joined in 1992 whereby I was like a footballer. I really like Shootback actually and the other MYSA activities.