Beldine Achieng

‘Achieng’ is my tribe name which comes from chieng which means ‘sun’. I was born at midday when the sun was brightly shining. My hobbies are playing football, cracking jokes, reading, watching movies, listening to music and taking environmental photos. I also like trips, making new friends and much more. I hate roaming, staying idle and the worst is rumour mongering. I’m fourteen and belong to a large family of four brothers and one sister. The best couple is my dad and mum – the greatest human beings in the whole world. I joined MYSA in 1996 as a footballer and later joined other projects such as AIDS awareness, Shootback and Gender Partnership. Shootback is so interesting. I’ve gained a lot of experience in taking photos, writing journals and camera techniques. My ambition is to be a photojournalist or a lawyer. I hope I’ll cope.