David Mbuthia

We have 42 tribes in our country, and each speaks its own mother tongue. I belong to the Kikuyu tribe. ‘Mbuthia’ is a Kikuyu name which comes from my father’s and grandfather’s name. ‘David’ is a Christian name meaning the courage and confidence it took to make him (David) kill Goliath. I belong to a family of eight and I have six siblings. I am fifteen and the third-born. We live in a slum called Mathare Valley. There are many people living here, but we have some other slums like Korogocho, Majengo and Kibera. I am proud of Mathare Valley. MYSA, our self-help youth group, has many activities such as AIDS awareness, gender partnership, sports and photography. Through MYSA I have become a peer educator and now I am a member of the Shootback Team. My ambition in life is to be a professional photojournalist and football coach.