Nicholas Mathenge

‘Mathengei’ comes from thenge which means ‘he-goat’, and is used to refer to a brave and strong person. I am sixteen years old and the fourth-born in a family of five children. I have three sisters and one brother. I have been a member of MYSA since 1992 as a football player. Since 1997, Shootback has done a lot for me and helped me polish a talent I didn’t know of. My special interest is of course taking pictures around my home area because I think I can make something out of it for my future. I hope that I can be a good example for the rest of the MYSA youths. I believe the project can do miracles for me because I can manage to get a job when the time comes and also it can take me to countries which I hadn’t dreamt of going to and I will be able to help my family.