Salome “Sally” Atieno

‘Atieno’ in my Luo tribe language means ‘one who is superior or unique’. We are seven in our family and my mother is the breadwinner due to my father’s death in 1992. She has a small business selling second-hand clothes. The money she earns is just enough for feeding us and paying rent. We live in a single room all together. I’m fourteen, the fourth-born, tall in size, blackish in colour and have short brownish hair. I like laughing since people from our area are very funny. I’m talkertive, flexible and in school. Through MYSA, I have been playing football and participating in clean-ups. I’m really thankful for this golden opportunity, Shootback. I’m glad to get such a chance and I’ll not misuse it. My hobbies are taking pictures, sharing ideas and studying. My favourite colours are red, green and orange. My favourite food is chicken and rice.